Kristin, Emma, and I safely returned from New England yesterday (Sofia stayed back in Chicago with grandma and grandpa).  We had a great trip visiting friends, teaching, making ministry contacts, and touring this beautiful part of the country.  We started in Boston (pictured left) for a walking tour and a visit with part of the team at Reunion Christian Church.  We had a great chat and are excited to see how God uses this young church (which began just four years earlier) to transform lives in Boston.  We spent Sunday worshiping with Eastpoint Christian Church in Portland, Maine.  In addition to great times of fellowship, we were able to share about God’s work in Athens with a number of groups and individuals.  It was an exciting time to connect with new churches and – most of all – reconnect with our good friends Jared and Rachel Cowgur.  Check out Friday’s post for more photos from our visit!

Despite an amazing weekend in New England, we are thrilled to be back in Chicago.  Our countdown to Athens has begun: we just 12 days from boarding a plane back to Greece!  Thanks for your continued love, prayers and support!

3 thoughts on “Back from New England

  1. So great a report on your trip Brett…..sounds likely you may even get some financial support out of your Presence in their church/homes/faces! Hope so!
    Wow this furlough time went fast – glad you can be here for Easter…..and possibly get in on an orthodox Easter in Greece too??
    Blessings on your remaining days with us! Greta

  2. Thanks for the note, Greta. Yeah, we had a great trip… and are praying that there will be some future partnerships with the churches in that area! We’re excited to be with family for Easter… but we’ll miss Greek Easter (it’s actually the same week this year). See you Sunday!

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