We leave for Greece in just one week!   W0w – so much to do!  Thanks for your continued love, support, and prayers.  Please pray for our refugee friends in Greece, especially in the midst of a crippled economy.  Here’s part of an update from our friends and teammates Tim and Donna:

Today, March 25th, is Greece’s Independence Day. It is the day that Greece celebrates its freedom from 400 years of Ottoman occupation. Today Greece was also eagerly anticipating a decision as to whether European Leaders will lend the country support in its financial difficulties. As of this evening it seems that our European countrymen are not so eager to dig deeper into their pockets as the country teeters at the edge of financial ruin.

Pray for the Greek people as the economy has affected almost every family. Unemployment is over 10% and as austerity measures take effect, estimates are that unemployment will increase to as high as 20%.  Tax hikes are also hurting the average citizen. For example, gasoline jumped from $5.20/gallon to $7.20/gallon in one day.

Pray for the refugees, as they are the first to feel the pain. We are seeing more and more of those who have worked hard to establish themselves in Greece once again coming back for food. “My husband hasn’t worked in three months and our savings have run out, can you help us pay our rent?”; “Can you help find a job for me?” are requests that we are hearing more and more.

Thanks for your prayers and partnership!   Please pray that, in the midst of struggle and pain, our refugee friends might see the grace of God shine clearly through our love and concern.

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