We’re back in Athens!  It’s great to experience the sights and sounds of Athens once again.  In fact, Kristin and I were just talking about the smell of the city… yes, we even missed the smell of Athens (at least in the spring).  The sidewalks near our house are lined with orange trees, giving the entire neighborhood the smell of blooming flowers. It’s amazing!

We back in Athens, safe and sound… but way too tired to think of anything original for the blog.  But that got me thinking, I wonder what our thoughts were when we first arrived in Athens… nearly three years ago.  Here’s a re-post from a blog entry (July 2007) just after arriving in Athens.

We are currently enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon here in Athens. Although our sleeping schedule is beginning to normalize, the rest is still much needed.
Yesterday was our first day at the Tea House. We loved it. The Tea House is the main outreach of the ministry here in Athens. We offer hot tea and a sack lunch to any refugee who comes. They are welcome to take the lunch and go, but most spend some time at the center networking and socializing, since it is a safe haven from random police round-ups.
Kristin spent the morning helping to distribute the lunches, before sitting in on the English class in the afternoon. An intern from South Dakota is currently teaching English, but Kristin will begin to rotate in with her – Kristin’s first class is Tuesday.
I spent the morning meeting refugees in the Tea House, listening to their stories over a cup of tea. I met a very friendly group of refugees from Baghdad. One asked if I would be available to help him work on his English. On Tuesday, we will begin meeting together to practice English – and hopefully beginning developing a friendship. Please pray for these sorts of relationships, that they may be open doors to sharing the gospel. Pray for wisdom, boldness, and compassion.

Continue praying for us as we re-adjust to Athens, and once again begin building relationships and sharing the love of Jesus!  Thanks for being a part of this adventure with us!

One thought on “Re-post: First Tea House

  1. You made it – how wondeful to hear that! It’s raining all day (wed) so far! And the temps are not as warm as last week! Hope your adjustment to Athens/home for now – goes very well. God Bless – thanks for keeping in touch! Greta

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