We are celebrating this week: “R” – a young mother from Afghanistan – has come to Christ!  God continues to stir the hearts of families (particular the Afghans) here in Athens!  We are praying for a spiritual awakening among Afghan families – for a movement of God’s Spirit to draw families to know Jesus, not simply as a good teacher or another prophet, but as God-in-flesh, both Lord and Savior!

“R” has been in Athens for nearly a year, but for the majority of her time here, we would not have considered her a spiritual seeker.  While other women openly asked questions about Jesus and the Bible, “R” sat quietly in the background.  Apparently, however, the Word of God was taking root in her heart; she quietly sat, reflected, and came up with a list of questions to ask in a more personal setting.

One day, a teammate had “R” over for dinner.  This was “R’s” opportunity: in the safe presence of our teammate and a Farsi-speaking follower of Christ, “R” pulled a piece of paper out from her purse.

“I’ve been reading a Bible that I stole from the church [of course, the Bibles were free for the taking, but apparently she didn’t understand this] and I have some questions,” she announced.

This began several weeks of reading, questioning, studying, questioning, reading…  After many weeks of studying Jesus, “R” made a bold pronouncement, “I want this!”  Then she asked a life-changing question,  “How do I follow Jesus?

Our friend explained what it meant to follow Jesus and how to accept His gift of salvation.  “R” shook her head in understanding.  One week later, “R” asked the same question: “How do I follow Jesus?”  Again, our friend patiently explained grace and faith.  And again, “R” shook her head in understanding.  One week later, “R” asked this same question for a third time.  Our friend looked her in the eyes, sensing her desire to follow Christ but also her fear, and replied, “You understand; now you must obey; now you must step out in faith.

The next week, “R” woke up one morning knowing that today was the day; today was the day she would surrender herself in faith to Christ.

Would you join us in continue to pray for “R”?   Pray for depth and growth in faith.  Pray for strength and perseverance in light of the persecution that is sure to come.  Pray for peace and security in Christ.  Also, please pray for her family, especially for her teenage son to accept his mother’s decision.  Pray that both her son and daughter would come to know Jesus as their Savior.

For several months, many Afghan women have been seeking the know Jesus.  They’ve asked questions; they’ve had Bible studies; they even profess love for Jesus.  Please pray that these women would come to trust Jesus as Savior, as Lord, as God’s plan to redeem our sinful hearts.  Join us in praying for a movement of God’s Spirit among these Afghan families!  Jesus, hear our prayers!

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