Since July I’ve taken on a new role here in Athens: team leader.  I’m responsible for ministry vision and overall team health.  I’ve been learning a lot over the past 10 months – a whole lot!   The experience has been something of a crash course… but at the same time, I love the journey and love the ways that God has been challenging me.  Please continue to pray for me as I continue to grow into this new role – pray that I continue to learn and yet continue to lean on God’s wisdom; that I continue to listen and yet continue to lead boldly as a steward of this role!

Here are some great insights from Ron Edmondson on the ten characteristics of a healthy team.  Pray that we don’t just talk about becoming a healthy team, but begin taking concrete steps, begin living out some of the characteristics below!

  1. A shared vision is held by all team members.
  2. Team members and their individual ideas are equally valued.
  3. Leadership development is a part of the strategy.
  4. The organization readily embraces change and risk taking is encouraged.
  5. Team members are continually energized and encouragement flows freely.
  6. It’s a fun place to hang out…people enjoy their work and relationships are deeper than just the professional environment.
  7. Mistakes are considered part of the learning process.
  8. The structure doesn’t limit growth, but provides healthy boundaries.
  9. There is a freedom to offer constructive criticism, even of top leadership, without fear of retribution.
  10. Conflict is not discouraged, but used to make the team better.

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