Last week was a great week… and a very tough week.   I joined together with 200 colleagues from around the world at an International Teams leadership conference in Turkey.  We learned from one another; we discussed issues and challenges in our ministries; we celebrated God’s work together.  One the other hand, I was away from Kristin and the girls all week.  This was actually a lot harder than I anticipated.  Next month Kristin and I celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary, and I can count the number of nights we’ve been apart of one hand.

Here are a few highlights from the conference:

* Seeing what God is doing in refugee ministries around the world (from Austria to Australia).

* Hearing how God is stirring in the hearts of Iteam’s leaders (e.g. restructuring, vision for the future).

* Learning new insights on Islam and sharing the gospel in this context.

* Meeting missionaries from around the world serving around the world (in over 60 nations).

* Networking with like-minded ministries working with refugees in our part of the world (e.g. Italy and Turkey).

Thanks for your continue support and prayers as we seek to make much of Jesus among refugees in Athens!

2 thoughts on “Learning Together

  1. Surely the main highlight was when Nikos barked at me in the hotel lobby?

    It was great to see you at ILF and felt similar about leaving my girls behind as well. Hope your travels to and from were smooth? I was lucky and got out before the all the ash-related delays began – maybe the only perk with a flight that leaves at 4am?

  2. Wow, Paul… I can’t believe that I neglected to include that unbelievably funny moment. I was laughing so hard that I literally cried for like 5 minutes. Good times!
    Glad you made it home ash free. Send our love to your ladies!

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