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Loving the Overlooked – May 2010

The last six months have been a whirlwind!  A new baby, traveling to the US,  growing into my new role as team leader (learning so much along the way), a  conference in Turkey… and, all the while, preaching, teaching, and sharing the  good news of Jesus!  Thanks for your continued prayers, support, and  encouragement as our family extends the love and hope of Christ among  refugees here in Athens!  Thank you for being our partners in the gospel!

A Dream Deferred – “I had friends, a home, and a good job in Holland, but now it’s all gone!  Why did God bring me back to Greece?”  My friend “M” spoke of his deportation from Holland with outrage, even shock.  “M” is originally from Iran, but first came to Greece years ago and is now a follower of Jesus.  “M” can’t see God’s plan in the midst of such overwhelming disappointment.  “M” is physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhaustedPlease pray with us for “M” – that his eyes would turn from his own disappointment to God’s provision; that he would allow God to work through his pain so that Christ is formed more fully within him; that he would be used by God to encourage others.

A Dream Realized – A dear friend of ours recently received great news – in fact, the very news that she had bet her  future on.  She and her family have been accepted as refugees in Australia (pending a bit more  paperwork).  Our friend – “Z” – is a single mother of four from Afghanistan.  “Z” is a strong woman, resilient despite her lack of money, housing, and “male protection” (a major concern in her culture).  After countless applications, referrals, and paperwork, the Australian government has accepted her asylum claim and will help her find the safety and stability that has been so sorely missing in her life.  We praise God for His provision!  At the same time, however, our deepest prayer is that “Z” does not confuse the hope of asylum for the hope of the gospel. “Z” says that she loves Jesus and understands the gospel, but still lives in fear of how her fellow Afghans would respond.  Please pray for “Z” – that God would move in her heart and help her overcome her fears; that she would follow Jesus and trust Him alone; and that she would not confuse asylum in Australia with the refuge she can find only in God.

By God’s Grace –
Brett, Kristin, Sofia, and Emma

One thought on “Sanner News – May 2010

  1. Praying as always for the work Christ is doing through His people in Greece. Let them know, staff and refugees alike, that their brothers and sisters in the US lift them and their needs before the throne of grace. Love you Sanners!

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