Somalia.  Because of its lack of stability and infrastructure, accurate statistics are hard to gather.  One thing is very clear: this is a country with deep pain and deep troubles.  A country of 10 million on the eastern horn of Africa, Somalia is one of the least-reached countries in the world (both in terms of the number of Christ-followers and access to the gospel message).  Christians in Somalia are among the most persecuted in the world.  Somalia has the fifth highest infant mortality rate in the world (107 deaths/1000 live births). The median age is 17 (compared to 36 years in the US)… and only 37% of Somalians over the age of 15 can read and write.  At $600,  it’s GDP per capita is 224th in the world (out of 227, based on purchasing power parity).  Decades of civil war have left the nation paralyzed (and a breeding ground for extremism), with over 1 million Internally Displaced Peoples and countless more seeking refuge throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.  These statistics paint a vivid picture of what happens when division and violence are left to rot. This Somali proverb speaks to the heart of the issues in Somalia:

I and Somalia against the world.

I and my clan against Somalia.

I and my family against the clan.

I and my brother against the family.

I against my brother.

Please pray for SomaliaWhat other hope does it have? Pray that the gospel will penetrate deeply into this broken nation – transforming hearts and homes, villages and cities, broken systems and broken people across this desperate land.

(ht: Tim and Rachel)

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