World Refugee Week.  Refugees are all around.  Some live in desolate camps, while others reside deep within suburbia.  However, in the rush of daily living, we often simply don’t notice: we don’t notice the people; we don’t hear the stories; we don’t share our compassion.

June 14-20 is World Refugee Week.  The point is simple: to raise our compassion quotient. Learn.  Share.  Give.

Take a week and expand your compassion quotient:

Organize an Event:

  • Invite a former refugee to speak at your school, church, community center, etc. and share their experiences
  • Volunteer at a local refugee resettlement agency to help newly-arrived refugees in the U.S.
  • Ask a teacher to dedicate the week of June 15 – 20th World Refugee Week to discuss the word “refugee” in the classroom
  • Host a World Refugee Day “house party” where you might show the movie “War Dance”, “Hotel Rwanda” or another movie that shows the plight of refugees, like “Beyond Borders”, “I am David”, or “Return to Afghanistan”
  • Serve a dish typical in another country or prepare an international meal with friends.
  • Set up a World Refugee Day discussion at your home, place of worship, or community center.
  • Wear light blue (the international color of UN Aid workers) on World Refugee Day (June 20) and talk to friends about why you are wearing blue that day.

Organize a Fundraiser:

  • Bake or candy sale
  • Car wash
  • Raffle tickets for the prize donated by a community business
  • Auction used and collectible items
  • Form a Refugee Care Club with friends and fellow students to raise awareness

Learn more here and here.  You’ve got one week; make your plans!

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