Saying goodbye is hard to do.  And yet this month, our team is saying goodbye to two dear families.

The Cottrell family (pictured above, with one addition, our non-Cottrell friend Susan in the purple) is getting ready to relocate to Glasgow to love and serve refugees alongside local Scottish churches.  They will be serving with our good friends Paul and Emma.  They will be making the transition in early July.  Please pray for the Cottrells: for their kids getting settled in new schools, for Brian and Christine finding their niche in a new ministry, and for the entire family as it relocates.

The Davidge family (pictured above, with a new member to be added in August) will be saying their goodbyes and leaving Greece before the end of June.  They will be returning home to London, England and looking for whatever work and ministry opportunities that God provides.   Please pray for our dear friends: for the safe delivery of the new Davidge baby, for work befitting Gary’s gifting, passions, and experience, for Theo and Keziah as they enter school, and for Theo as he sees specialists concerning a serious medical condition.

Sofia will also be losing a best friend.  NO… gaining a best friend in London!  But all the same, Keziah will be missed!

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