One of our favorite parts of our ministry here is hosting refugee families in our home.  This sort of hospitality immediately communicates that our ministry not an institution, or a business, or even just a social service agency.  It’s relational.  It says, “you are friends, not clients or cases.”  We don’t care about refugees’ needs because they’re in our building… but because they’re in our hearts.  Also, this sort of hospitality gives Kristin a very significant way to be involved in the ministry, even when she can’t come down to the office every day.  Hosting refugee families in our home has allowed Kristin to know refugees and invest in their lives and spiritual growth.

Every once in a while, a refugee friend returns the favor by inviting us into their home.  There is always great food, great company, and great hospitality.  Afghans could teach the world a lot about how to treat a guest.  Saturday we spent the afternoon with a family from Afghanistan.  Kristin chatted with the women (our Afghan friend and a few teammates); I played with the kids (Sofia and the other kids get along so well, despite the lack of a common language; it’s pretty amazing!).   Plus, I really, really love Afghan and Persian food.  Delicious.

Kristin and the ladies

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