Hope you had a great 4th!   We had a great time celebrating here with friends.  We had it all: the beach, bbq chicken, and sparklers!  Here are a few America-related notes to commemorate July 4th.

1 – As I think about my childhood in America, I think about Mario, Megaman, Link, and the entire cast of Nintendo characters.  If this was a part of your childhood, you might like this “Super Mario Bros. Crossover” game.  Enjoy!

2 – America, as we know, is a nation of immigrants.  Here’s a great article from the NYT on how immigration has changed over the last 100 years.  Five differences emerge: (1) it’s global – everybody is going everywhere; (2) the money – last year migrants sent home $317 billion, propping up dozens of national economies; (3) immigration is no long a boys game – nearly half of immigrants are now women; (4) technology – webcams and satellite TV – connects immigrants to their homelands like never before; (5) the expectation of government control – establishing controls that were not even imaginable 100 years ago.

3 – Finally, a patriotic pic from our celebration on the 4th:

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