I stole this chart from Tony Morgan.  I find it challenging; it pushes me to be a better leader.  But I still struggle to put this “right people” leadership into practice.  My sinful heart is naturally attracted to the control of the task-focused leadership.  My default assumption is that people need my instruction and oversight at every step (rather than setting objectives and releasing people to be creative)!
Tony puts it well:

If you’re the “find the right people”-type, you are constantly trying to build the right team and then get out of the way. When you have talented people around you, you don’t need to know all the answers. The team generates the ideas, so it’s not all on your shoulders. The right people are as concerned about the mission as you are, so you don’t have to spend time keeping them in line. If something goes wrong and you have a great team, you see it as a systems or communications problem rather than a people problem.

So… any thoughts on moving from “right task” to “right people” leadership?  I’d love to hear your wisdom – whether fully formed or still developing!

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