Hi All!  Hope you’re having a spectacular summer!  Please download our latest ministry update HERE.  Otherwise, you can find a text-only version below.  Thanks for your love, support and prayers!

By God’s Grace –

Brett, Kristin, Sofia, & Emma

Loving the Overlooked – July 2010

Happy Summer!

We’ve been enjoying the rituals of Greek summer: beaches, evening walks, ice cream, and kiddy pools.  And of course, the girls continue to grow!  Sofia is two and half, and ready to start potty training next month!  Emma will soon be eight months, and just a few weeks from crawling (or so it would seem).  Life and ministry are great – God continues to overwhelm us with His grace.

As you may remember, since mid-June our building has been in the midst of some remodeling.  The work continues, but we hope to be able to return to our ministry center (with remodeled bathrooms, offices, and kitchen) by the first of August.  In the meantime, our team here continues to love and serve refugees, but outside of the context of our building: park outreaches, family beach days, one-on-one discipleship, feedings at local churches, and much more.  Below are a few specifics.  Thanks for your love, support, and encouragement!  You are our partners in God’s work here among the nations!


The summer has been busy with opportunities to preach and teach.  Brett has preached three times since May, and will get three more opportunities in the month of August.  It is encouraging to exercise this gifting, to continue growing and learning.  Brett is also spending time teaching in smaller group settings, discipling young refugee believers.  One Bible study is with an Afghan believer who is working to form a small fellowship for Afghan Christians.  Another study is with a young Kurdish believer who is leading in a fellowship of Iranian Christians.  Please continue to pray for these young believers and leaders.

Family Ministries

With our building under construction, our team has been spending more time at parks and in the neighborhoods building deeper relationships with families that were regulars at our ministry center. God is at work in the lives of these families!  There are currently several Bible study groups for Afghan women, many of whom are asking great questions and whole-heartedly seeking Truth!  Please pray that the Spirit of Truth would overwhelm the immense cultural pressures and fear that these women face everyday. Pray that a movement of God would begin in these families and be felt throughout Afghanistan!

Team Life

Our team continues to go through a season of change.  Two families recently left Athens, while two other families will be returning to the team after being away for over a year!  Last month, our team added a single woman from the US; this month, our team added a baby, as Kate (& Ilir) Cami gave birth to a healthy baby girl just this week!  Please continue to pray for our team in the midst of many changes and transitions!

By God’s Grace: Brett, Kristin, Sofia, & Emma

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