The harvest is plentiful.  That’s what Jesus says.

After this the Lord [Jesus] appointed seventy-two others and sent them on ahead of him, two by two, into every town and place where he himself was about to go.   And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.  Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”  Luke 10:1-2

The spiritual harvest is ripe, but sometimes we need reminded.  Saturday, as our team prayed together before Tea House, we asked God for some low-hanging fruit – a reminder that God is at work and that His harvest is indeed plentiful.

Within ten minutes of our doors opening, a young Afghan man began speaking to me in Farsi.  I don’t speak Farsi, but understood two words: Jesus Christ.  At the same time, he was opening his hands as if to make a book.  I called over my teammate Susie (whose Farsi skills far surpass my own), and the three of us walked together to where we had some Bibles and tracts on display.  Susie translated for us as this young Afghan (“M”) asked about following Jesus: “Do you have an injil (New Testament)?” “Do you believe it is possible for someone to change religions?”  “Do you have classes about the Bible?”   The harvest is plentiful! Later in the afternoon, “M” returned with three friends who also took New Testaments and asked when we would be having a Bible class.  Please pray for “M” and his three friends.  Our communication was limited, and I don’t know their hearts… but I do know that the harvest is the Lord’s!

Later in the afternoon, I saw my teammate Tasha speaking with “Z” – a mutual friend.  “Z” is a single mother of four from Afghanistan, a good friend of the family, and a spiritual seeker.  I told “Z” about a dream that I recently had: “Z” and three of her friends were walking down the street without head scarfs in an Afghan neighborhood of Athens (an act that will get you socially ostracized, if not physically hurt, in the Afghan community here).

“Z” just smiled.  I thought that I should clarify, so that she wouldn’t get the wrong idea: “I don’t care if you wear the head scarf… I don’t think that God cares either.  He doesn’t care about this (pointing to her head scarf); He cares about this (pointing to the heart).”

Tasha jumped in, “Do you know what Brett’s saying?  He’s saying that God cares about what you believe – what you believe about Jesus!  Do you believe that Jesus is God (a subject that Tasha and “Z” have been studying together)?”


Tasha pushed, “Are you willing to sit and talk about this more with Brett and me together?”

“Yeah.  Okay,” she replied.

The harvest is plentiful! Please pray for “Z” – pray for her salvation, that she might experience the freedom, hope, truth, security, peace, purpose, and grace of walking with Jesus (seriously, if this isn’t worth 60 seconds of your time, what is?!?).

God continues to remind us that He is faithful and He is at work.  Please pray for the harvest!  Pray for laborers!

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