Would you join us in praying for our good friend “Z”?  This is the Afghan woman that we wrote about last week (click here to catch up on her story).

“Z” came over for dinner on Saturday night, giving us a chance to follow-up on the conversation that was started at Tea House: Could Jesus really be God? We talked on things of faith and Jesus for over an hour after dinner.  Please pray for “Z” and her precious kids!

“Z” says that she wants to believe (she loves to hear about Jesus), but that she is scared. She’s scared of losing her friends… like the Afghan neighbor who wouldn’t speak to her for two weeks just because she saw “Z” reading the Bible.  She’s scared of losing her home, since the Afghans she lives with may very well kick her out if she began to follow Jesus… which makes putting food on the table and getting the kids to school nearly impossible.  She’s scared of getting attacked… being made an example of, in order to send a message to other Afghan women seeking Jesus.

We both had to admit that her fears were well-founded.  Those scenarios aren’t just possible; they’re likely!  Jesus confirmed this, too: “If [the world] persecuted me, they will also persecute you” (John 15:18-20).  We remembered together the testimony of Noah.  The author of Genesis doesn’t provide all the details, but I can only imagine that the community was offended by Noah’s faith.  On the one hand, Noah’s faith probably seemed ridiculous: “Nice boat… but there’s not even a cloud in the sky, stupid!”  Genesis says that they were wicked people; I’m sure they didn’t spare Noah from a social hell (think middle school) of sneer and mockery!  At the same time, if anyone was willing to hear Noah’s story, they probably walked away in anger – maybe wanting to punch Noah in the throat.  After all, the ark proclaimed their judgment and condemnation.  The ark was a super-sized reminder of their coming destruction.

Noah was saved by trusting God and stepping into the ark, despite (I imagine) the rejection of his people.  “Z” will only be saved by trusting God and stepping into Jesus, despite (I am certain) the rejection of her people.

“Z” has heard the good news of God’s provision (before it was an ark, now it is a cross).  But “Z” also knows that hearing isn’t enough… she must obey.  Noah had to step into the ark; “Z” knows that she is being called to step into a faith-relationship with Jesus.  Please join us in praying for “Z”.  Pray for courage.  Pray for obedience.  Pray for safety.  More than anything, pray that salvation would come to her household – even this very day!

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