Happy Friday!  It’s been a tough week here – we’re overwhelmed by the need, by the new individuals, by the families in desperation.  Would you pray for our ministry this week? On Thursday I visited a local park that a couple dozen refugees call home (after being chased out of the another park last week because of racist violence).  One man told me that there were about 40 people sleeping here at night (there were at least 25 people here when I visited).  The conditions are already bad… and the rainy season is just around the corner.  Here’s what I saw:


Some of the Afghans sleeping in the park



Living room, bedroom, kitchen, and laundry room all in one



Make shift housing across the street (in a rail yard)



And yes, there are kids living here too



The trees serve as closets


Please pray for refugees here in Greece.  Pray that God’s provision would overwhelm them – His provision of shelter, clothing, food… and ultimately His provision at the cross.

3 thoughts on “Friday Photos – 08.10.2010

  1. I surely will pray for the homeless people – ! Pictures are reality for us to see what humanity faces in countries other than where I live. I am blessed to share in prayer for ‘your’ people –
    God Bless your efforts for those whose lives you are able to touch. Greta

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