Happy Friday!  November – wow.  Life is great… but going too fast.  It feels like a run-away train these days (a good run-away train, mind you, but one that you can’t slow down!).  Here are some pictures from today (yes, all four piping fresh!).  The first two are from behind the scenes at our Friday feeding (because of the recent crowds, we’re using Tuesdays to feed families – with an evangelistic program afterward – and Fridays for single men).  Two Afghan ladies have been volunteering to help us cook on Fridays – a huge blessing (thanks ladies)!  The bottom two pictures are from a recent afternoon I spent playing with the kids (as their moms went through a Bible study with one of our female teammates).  I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with the kids, so that was fun (although wild).  Thanks for your love and prayers.  Enjoy!

An Afghan friend volunteering at our Friday feeding
Another Afghan friend helping on Fridays
Playing red light-green light (sort of) with the kids
For whatever reason, some of the kids felt the need to hide under the tables... beats me.

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