Please pray for Greece. There is a lot of frustration and tension here.  Violence against immigrants is becoming more prevalent.  Here’s a recent example.

Racist attack against migrants in Aghios Panteleiomonas

10-15 members of the far right group “Golden Dawn” attacked migrants on Tuesday (9/11) in the streets of Aghios Panteleiomonas. The attack began at the entrance of a makeshift mosque where the extremists tried to get 50 migrants from Bangladesh to come out of the building. Police arrived at the site and the tension was eased. Migrants say that racist attacks taking place after 6 pm have escalated in the area with far right groups beating people of “dark skin”.

Meanwhile, the municipal party “Greek Dawn for Athens” representing the far right group “Golden Dawn” received 5.3% overall in the Municipality of Athens in Sunday’s local administration elections, reaching 12.27% in the district of Aghios Panteleimonas -Athens Square and 14.72% in the district of Athens Square-Victoria. Local residents, who voted for the extremists, claim that other political parties did nothing to tackle the problem of the concentration of migrants in their neighborhoods.

(Rizospastis, Kathimerini, Eleftheros Tipos, 10 November)

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