Last week was packed full.  Four Christmas outreach parties in six days!  Due to some unfortunate timing, I was out-of-town last week for a training event (more on that later)… however, things here were in very, very capable hands.  When I returned to Athens, I heard some great news: “A” – a friend from Afghanistan – wants to follow Jesus(!!)… not only “A,” but his entire family (wife and two children)!  Here’s just a snippet of his testimony, coming from one of our outreach parties (written by our teammate Lisa):

On Tuesday night a family that Kenn [a teammate] sat with last Christmas, came up to Nader [a teammate] and asked if they could wait until Christmas day to ask Jesus into their hearts.  It was an important decision and they wanted to always remember when did it.  Nader asked the wife if she was in agreement with her husband’s decision and she said “yes”, so they have plans to meet Nader and other members of our team at [a teammate]’s house on Christmas day for the joyous event.  Wish we could be there, it makes me weepy just thinking how far they have come in a year.

YES!!!  What an awesome God!  He continues to change lives and shape history from here in Athens. I hope to share more of “A’s” story soon.  Until then, please pray for A and his family! Pray for safety, faith, and growth.  Pray against the enemy who would like to intimidate, distract, and divide.

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