Over two decades of civil war in Sudan has claimed 1.5 million lives.  A 2005 peace deal brought an end to the ongoing war… but we continue to pray for peace in Sudan.  Southern Sudan is now voting (January 9-15)  in a referendum that will determine its future – whether to maintain ties to the north (thus preserving “one Sudan”) or form their own nation.  Follow the latest happenings here. Whatever the result, please pray for peace – the kind of peace that goes beyond politics and politicians.  Pray for the kind of peace that only comes from forgiveness and hope.  Ultimately, pray for the kind of peace that only Jesus brings. We know many here in Greece who have fled the violence of Sudan.  In fact, International Teams works with Sudanese around the world – refugees who have fled their homeland, as well as ongoing work in Sudan with refugees who have returned home.

I love this video from World ReliefLet’s pray for true peace in Sudan.

A summary fact sheet from the BBC

  • Voting: 9-15 January
  • To pass, 60% of those registered need to vote plus majority of ballots
  • Vote a condition of 2005 deal to end two-decade north-south conflict
  • Most northerners are Arabic-speaking Muslims
  • Most southerners Christian or follow traditional religions
  • Oil-rich Abyei area to hold separate vote on whether to join north or south
  • Referendum could divide Africa’s largest country
  • Final result due 6 February or 14 February if there are appeals
  • South would become continent’s newest nation on 9 July 2011
  • National anthem and flag chosen, but not new country’s name

*featured photo by Spencer Platt (a pro-indepedence march on 5 January 2010) via the Denver Post.

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