God is bringing the nations to Athens, Greece.  There are well over half a million refugees and immigrants in Greece, the vast majority of which reside in greater Athens.  Some estimate that in 2010 between 200 and 300 migrants cross the board from Turkey into Greece everyday! As a cultural, religious, and continental crossroads, Greece provides a unique opportunity to join in God’s work among the nations!

Partnering with both local and international churches, Helping Hands (a Greek NGO) and International Teams (an international missions organization) work together to share the love of Jesus with refugees in Greece.  The vision of our ministry is to see the lives of refugees transformed by Jesus: “to plant gospel seeds in the lives of refugees that take root and bear the fruit of life transformation in Jesus Christ.” We seek to share Christ through acts of gospel demonstration (e.g. feeding, clothing, and shelter ministries) and words of gospel proclamation (e.g. preaching, teaching, and discipleship ministries).

God is at work in Athens.  As many refugees in Greece come from nations with little or no Christian witness (e.g. Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia and Sudan), through our ministry hundreds of refugees each year hear the gospel and meet practicing Christians for the first time.  New disciples are being baptized.  Lives are being changed! And as these new believers leave Athens (whether they continue further into Europe or return to their homeland) they take the gospel with them – sharing Christ with others and starting fellowship groups throughout Europe and the Middle East. Indeed, God is reaching the nations through Athens!

What an opportunity to join God’s global work!  I love Athens!

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