Last week was certainly an adventure, at least as far as transportation is concerned.  I’ll spare you the details, but cut-backs to the transportation budget have led to wide-spread striking by all forms of public transit.  The buses, trains, and trolleys each called strikes throughout the week (and will quite possibly continue into this week)!

And yet, it’s been an opportunity for our ministry team to shine.  Their passion and love and commitment shined through brightly on Tuesday (as just one example).  There was no public transportation (which means that traffic is horrible), and yet several teammates commuted by car (2.5 hours, one way) just so that they wouldn’t miss out on what God might do.  Other teammates walked to work (up to 1.5 hours, one way) in order to love and serve refugees in the name of Jesus!  Even several of our volunteers braved the chaos so that they could be a part of God’s work among the nations!  Wow!  What an amazing team!

I didn’t hear any complaining because I think that we all know that God is up to something great!  Lives are being changed by the power of the Gospel.  Honestly, each day I come to work with high expectations – high expectations of God and His ability to change lives, and families, and cities! I honestly believe that God is changing the futures of entire nations through His work here.  The next generation of Iranians will not be the same because of the way Jesus has been revealed here.  Afghanistan will be a different country tomorrow because of the families that have confessed “Jesus is Lord” while in Athens.  And I pray that we’ll tell this same story of Iraq, and of Sudan, and of Egypt, and… only God knows what’s next.  I can’t think of a better way to invest my time, gifts, and energy!

I’m proud of our team, and so thankful to work shoulder-to-shoulder with such an amazing group of people.  Even more, I’m thankful to serve such an amazing Savior!

4 thoughts on “Making Lemonade!

  1. Wow what an energy lift to read this update today – everyone needs to hear and read this. His name is lifted higher in difficulty and we learn from that .

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