Happy Friday!  We’ve had a good week here: fewer transportation woes, a special grocery pack give-away, and a fun kids’ movie on Wednesday afternoon!   Although we provide almost 400 really nice sit-down lunches (our very own Master Chef Themis – along with a host of volunteers – prepares some really great meals) every two weeks, there is still a waiting list to get into our Tuesday programs (which include a meal, children’s programming, and Bible teaching).  Our waiting list currently includes over 30 families (with an average of around 5 people per family!).   The simple fact is that in order to maintain the kind of environment that we’re seeking (safe, community/relationship building), we just can’t accommodate every family at our Tuesday feeding!

So, while these families are waiting for open spots in our Tuesday program, we thought that we’d bless them with a grocery pack.  On Wednesday we gave out 40 grocery packs to families on our waiting list!  Here are some snapshots from Wednesday – both preparing the grocery packs and preparing the popcorn for our kids’ movie later that afternoon.  Enjoy!

Supplies for Grocery Packs: spaghetti, rice, oil, beans, canned milk, and much more!
Packing packs for forty families.
Ebi and Scott making popcorn for our Kid's Movie afternoon
Hundreds line up for a simple meal (beans and rice) across the street (a feeding sponsored by the Greek Orthodox Church)

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