Happy Friday!  I’ve been blessed with three amazing women in my life (among others).  It’s truly amazing to see how fast the girls are growing up.  Sofia is playing/learning so much every day.  Her memory and vocabulary amaze me.  Very verbal.  Emma is running, climbing, and beginning to try her hand at words (mama, dada, ba for ball, ah da for all done).  And she loves to give kisses!  Wow.


Big girls at the playground!
Sofia on the countertop, where she loves to help mom cook.
Emma loves finding fun seats.
Bedtime cuddles!



2 thoughts on “Friday Photos – 18.02.2011

  1. Thanks for sharing….your photos make Fridays a “look forward to some smiles day” !!
    Tomorrow a funeral for a childhood friend…. (she is my age) first of our group of friends to reach heaven ahead of the rest of us. My last sibling passed Jan. 14, my sister in law Feb. 2. I’m in overload with this part of life! Remembering you and your work of mercy to those who are without even a home. Blessings, Greta

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