Here in Greece, the Season of Lent begins on a Monday, not a Wednesday.  Today is that Monday –  “Clean Monday.”  Clean Monday is a day of repentance, forgiveness, and purification.  Practicing Orthodox Christians will avoid meat, eggs, dairy products, and most fish from now until Easter.  So, as Lent begins, Greeks here celebrate with shell fish, unleavened bread, and kites.  Yes, kites!  You have to love the idea that fasting/repentance and celebration/feast can be fused together!  Indeed, the fast is celebrated.  As one Orthodox vesper reads:

“The springtime of the Fast has dawned, the flower of repentance has begun to open…”

Beautiful.  Pray that our Greek friends and neighbors would not simply follow rituals, but that they would be wooed by the Christ to whom these traditions point. Pray that Jesus would be known and lifted high through out this country!

Any, without any further ado, the kites (which we flew on Sunday, due to rain today)!

Getting the kite ready... the excitement is bubbling over!
Stumbling and bumbling to get the thing in the air
Lift Off!
A beautiful day to fly a kite...
...with great friends!

How will you and yours celebrate the beginning of Lent?

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