Happy Friday!  It’s been a fun weather week here.  A beautiful (sunny and almost 60 degrees) beginning and end to the week… but with snow in the middle.  Snow’pocalypse 2011!   Okay, okay, that might be a tad bit dramatic, but it made for some fun times.  The proof’s below.  Enjoy!

Snow day at the playground (and no, I have no idea why Emma seems to have man-hands)
A snowman... sort of (this is the best we can do in Athens)
Fiesta time! Why not.
Kristin's handy-work on the sewing machine (a summer two-piece dress and a bag for Sofia, among many other little projects).

2 thoughts on “Friday Photos 11.03.2011

  1. Thanks so much for sharing ‘your’ snowpocolypse (sp)- we’re seeing the grass again first since our blizzard on Feb 2……..those girls are darling. Quite the sewer you are Kristin! Have a blessed weekend. !! Greta

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