Happy Friday!  Spring has sprung here in Athens… or, at the very least, it is springing.  Any signs of Spring in your world?  To prove our move into Spring (or faux Spring), here are some snapshots from a recent trip to the Acropolis with friends.  Enjoy… but don’t be jealous (you’ll have the last laugh in August, while we’ve got heat stroke)!


Kristin and the girls at the Parthenon
Look at all the green around Athens - Spring is here!
L to R: Sofia, Christy, Wendy, Tasha, Emma, and Kristin enjoying the Acropolis.
Emma's backyard



3 thoughts on “Friday Photos 18.03.2011

  1. I get to see the world through your ‘eyes’ ~~ thanks so much! Read about the Acropolis, now I’ve been able to envision that ruin, up close!!. What’s the scaffold about? Favorite photo is Emma sitting in front of a historical building !! (She will make a good teacher-having lived in Athens!- ya’ think? Spring officially begins this Sunday evening……waiting w/joy! Blessings Greta

  2. We’ve been here for 20 years, and there has ALWAYS been scaffolding there. I have to say, though, that the presence of your family there beautifies the Parthenon like nothing else.

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