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Thanks for your prayers and support.  Download our latest newsletter here (read it, print it, laminate it, file it… whatever; the options are limitless).  If you’re not so much into beauty, truth, and goodness, you’ll find a text-only version below.

In all seriousness, thank you immensely for your partnership in our ministry.  We rely on your prayers for strength; we rely on your encouragement for perspective; we rely on your gifts for food!  Really, thank you!

By God’s Grace:
Brett, Kristin, Sofia & Emma


A Deeper Hope.

At times the help that we offer refugees seems so small, so insignificant. It can overwhelm. I was reminded of these emotions just this week, as a visitor from Ireland cried for a young Afghan refugee that she’d met here.

“H” is 24 years old, and has only known life as a refugee.  He was born to Afghan refugees living in Iran.  While he identifies himself as an Afghan, he has never actually seen his “homeland.” A foreigner in Afghanistan and unwanted in Iran, truly, “H” has no home in this world.

“H” first came to our ministry center this fall: eager to learn and quick to help. He developed friendships with several of our teammates, and was full of questions about the Bible, Jesus, and God. “H” has spent time in our homes and soon found a home in our hearts.

After countless questions and hours of study, “H” was ready to trust Jesus as his sacrifice, his righteousness, his hope. Two weeks ago, “H” confessed his faith in Jesus.

We praise God for “H’s” salvation! But his journey is far from over. Last weekend “H” heard about an opportunity to travel north into Europe. With no hope of asylum in Greece and no “home” in Afghanistan, “H” (along with a small group of Afghans) hid away on a truck headed for the Greek port of Patras, where they hoped that this truck would grant them access to a ferry bound for Italy.

Rather than Italy, they soon found themselves detained by the police. They weren’t arrested, but given a severe beating – a common deterrent used with the intent that these migrants would lose hope and go “home.”

As my Irish friend’s tears reminded me, in some sense, we can offer so little to “H” and so many others. “H” will almost certainly continue to experience pain that I cannot even imagine. His story puts to rest our clichéd theology.

Although we can offer so little of worldly value, I’m betting my life on the belief that “H’s” faith will provide a hope in dark nights, a home in family of God, and a grace that is sufficient in all sorts of trials. Please pray for “H.” And pray for the grace of God and the hope of the gospel to shine brightly here!

Thanks for your love, support, and prayers!
By God’s Grace,
The Sanners

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