God continues to stir hearts.  Here’s a great story from our teammate Lisa.

Last Tuesday at the Farsi lunch, I watched a young Afghan woman come up to my Iranian friend, Ebi after the gospel presentation and pull him aside to ask some questions.  This always prompts me to pray.   Later I heard that she wanted to know more about Jesus, but was afraid to tell her husband.  She would not take a Bible because it was too obvious, but she took some small tracks to read.  Later the same day, the husband corners Ebi and says he wants to know more about Jesus, but is afraid to tell his wife.  He loves his wife.  They married for love and had to leave the country because another marriage had been arranged for her and it was not safe to stay in Iran.  He is bold and willingly takes a Bible, but tucks it away.   At the end of the day both seek Ebi out to say “good-bye and thank you.”  This is his first clue they are related.  With a twinkle in his eye he tells her she must ask him about the Bible and he points it out under his arm.  He tells him to ask her, what he gave to her.  Both of their eyes are wide, initially with fear that Ebi broke his word revealing their secret and then with wonder at what God must be doing.   They left quickly; anxious to be alone and away from the eyes of those that watch.  They have been calling all week with questions about what they are reading.  They finished the gospel of Matthew the first night.  They are now living in an apartment run by a local church where they can read their Bible without fear of being evicted or beaten.

Please pray for this couple.  Pray our ministry.  Thanks for being a part of our team; God is at work!

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