Happy Friday!  As you may remember, on Tuesdays we have a meal and outreach program for Farsi-speaking families (Afghans and Iranians).  We begin with a meal together, and afterward offer a kid’s room (something like a Sunday school class), a baby room (nursery), and an evangelistic message for the adults.  After the program, we have a short tea time – an opportunity to sit and chat (or play a game) over a cup of tea.  Our Tuesday programs have been great for clearly sharing the gospel, building relationships with refugees, and offering a sense of community and belonging to a people so surrounded by rejection and indifference.  Please pray for our Tuesday outreaches: that many would hear, understand, and respond to the Gospel in faith!

  • Tasha and Wendy teaching about Jesus.
  • Inside the baby room (birth to five year olds)
    Some Norwuz (Persian New Year) games
    Tea, games, and a time to talk after the program

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