Happy Friday!  I’ve been MIA from the blog this week.  Just too busy.  One highlight was a few visitors from the International Teams offices in France and the US.   I’m excited to see how God is bringing together people from around the world to join Him in reaching the nations from Athens!

Last weekend I took a few days off to get a long weekend with the family.  Unfortunately, we were all sick the whole time!  However, we did take one small road trip to the village of Marathon.  As you might expect, it’s 26.2 miles or so from Athens.   Why go to Marathon?  I need some inspiration: I’ve registered to run the marathon (along this original course from Marathon to Athens) this fall (November)!   I’ve got a LOT of training to do and I’m more than a little scared… but at this point, I’m motivated!  Anyone care to join me?

The starting point of the Marathon
The beach at Marathon (note Emma's ostrich impersonation).
Amazing spring flowers at Lake Marathon!
This was Sofia's pick for Friday Photos: A close-up of Emma

2 thoughts on “Friday Photos 04.01.2011

  1. Sorry you were all sick at the same time – on your weekend away, kinda a bummer. But then today is April fool’s day….I’m sure you weren’t kidding tho’ . Enjoyed seeing the girls in you Friday photos….no daddy this week, but someone has to take the photos, right? And the spring flowers, bring them on….good to see, we’re too cold here for those at this time. Janice and I met with granddaughter Amy and her 3 boys at Benton Harbor visited a nature center and then for lunch – so fun. Don’t get to see them as much as I’d like. Janice had her spring break this week that great, cuz she’s my driver! Blessings, Greta

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