I didn’t blog last week.  It wasn’t intentional; I just didn’t make the time.  But Monday means a fresh start (gotta love Mondays)!  So, I’d like to start out this week asking you to join us in prayer.

1 – Please pray for Kristin’s parents.  Kristin’s dad (Kent) is in the ICU at St. Margaret Mercy Hospital (Dyer, IN) with what is likely a stroke.  They are running tests to confirm what’s happening, but he is still having problems keeping stable without the aid of a breathing machine.  Please pray for Kent, Myrna (Kristin’s mom) and the entire family – including Kristin (it’s very tough to be away from family right now).

2 – Praise God for the legacy of Godly men and mentors.  This week one of my beloved seminary professors passed away.  Dr. Bob Lowery was an excellent teacher, a passionate preacher, and a mentor to many students.  He has been a fixture at Lincoln Christian Seminary for nearly 35 years.  He was my professor for several classes on New Testament exegesis.  I am indebted to his love of the Word.  Praise God for his life of leadership and legacy among generations of students.  You can read the announcement from LCU here.

3 – Pray for “Z” – our friend from Afghanistan.  We’ve shared many stories over the last year about “Z” – a single mother of four from Afghanistan.  She is at a crossroads – when it comes to faith, when it comes to her children, when it comes to life!  I don’t know exactly why, but I feel that this will be a consequential week in her life… please pray that it would be a week that resonates with the glory of God and echoes praises of our savior Jesus.  Pray that she would choose Life this week!

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