Happy Friday!  Okay, I know, Easter was like sooo two weeks ago.   The lack of Friday Photos last week, however, means that we get to revisit Easter this Friday.  We had a great Easter weekend, which included dying eggs, three separate Easter egg hunts, and a lamb on a spit!  Good times!

Would you also take a few minutes and pray for Kristin’s dad, Kent?  As you may have read on Monday’s post, Kent suffered a stroke last weekend.  The long-term effects are still unclear, but it is certainly a scary moment of the whole family.  Kent is still in the ICU and will get have a tracheotomy later this afternoon, as he is still not able breathe well on his own.  Pray for Kent and the entire family.  Also, please pray for Kristin, who will be traveling to Chicago on Sunday to be with the family (we’re VERY thankful to a family member who donated enough frequent flyer miles for a free ticket!).  She will be gone all of next week to be with Dad and the family.  Thanks so much for your love and prayers!

Getting ready to dye the eggs!
Emma and Eric (a little buddy) search for chocolate eggs
Enjoy the fruits of their labor!
This NEVER gets old (at least for Emma).

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