Please keep praying for our family, our team, and the ministry.

1 – God redeems the broken; He rescues the lost; He saves sinners.  Celebrate with us: two Afghan brothers were baptized yesterday!  Praise God for His work in the lives of these brothers (check out their testimonies here and here).  However, for anyone from this background, choosing to following Jesus often means abandonment and persecution.  Please pray for their faith, courage, and perseverance.

2 – Our team leaves tomorrow for a weekend retreat.  Our annual spring retreat is focused on team building/equipping and refreshment.  Please pray for our team this weekend.  Pray that our hearts and minds are re-centered on Jesus (a re-orientation that we need daily!); pray that our team building time would equip us with the tools that we need to really love, serve, and understand one another… so that we can work together more effectively for His kingdom and glory.

3 – Please continue to pray for Kristin’s dad (Kent) and the entire family.  Stabilizing his blood pressure is still a battle.  In fact, he was put back into the ICU this week, after being moved to a specialty hospital (focused on getting him off the ventilator) over the weekend.  Pray for his faith, strength, and courage.  Pray for the Kristin’s mom and family, who are pouring themselves out (physical and emotional energy) to help him.  In this time of giving, please pray that they would be filled with the presence of Jesus and the power of His grace!

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