Happy Friday!  I hope that your week is going well.  We’re back in Athens this week, after spending a long weekend in northern Greece for our Spring Retreat.  Thanks for your prayers.  It was a time of great refreshment and team building.  Our teammates Kent and Myrna Morley taught on “The Five Love Languages” on Friday and Saturday; on Sunday we worshiped together with a local Greek Evangelical Church in Sevasti (near Katerini).  When we weren’t in the classroom or church, we enjoyed fellowship together around the pool and around the dinner table.  We’re thankful for this time together with our team and we’re feeling refreshed – ready to face whatever the summer months may bring!

Emma enjoying some beach time... and looking good in a two-piece!
Sofia busting some dance moves!
Kristin has grown this appendage on her head :(
Sending Susan - who is transition from the team - off with a blessing (we'll miss you, Susan)!

3 thoughts on “Friday Photos – 27.05.2011

  1. So good to hear your retreat was uplifting for you and gave some renewal and zest to look ahead ! It’s Memorial Day weekend for us here – – – a road trip to Gun Lake for the Biegel clan. After school Janice picks me up – back on Monday afternoon. Sometning about being by water which helps to relax and rest one. THought and prayers are with you….Greta

  2. I love the family photo on Friday Photos because it is so Brett, you captured my “BABY”. I miss that face. Love you! Momma

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