I’m reading through David Platt’s Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream.  There’s some really good, really challenging stuff here.  Following Jesus is certainly not for the faint of heart.  As we’re in the midst of graduation season (high school and university), the passage below seems incredibly relevant.  Graduates: No more good boys and girls… it’s time to let Jesus re-arrange your neatly laid plans (or perhaps more realistically, it’s time to let Jesus get you off the couch, out of your parents’ basement, and out of graduate school)!


I find it interesting that one of the most common questions asked today among Christians is “What is God’s will for my life?” or “How do I find God’s will for my life?”  Many Christians have almost assumed the attitude that they would obey God if he would just show them what he wanted them to do.

In the middle of a Christian culture asking, “How do I find God’s will for my life?” I bring good news.  He will is not lost.  With 1.4 million Bedouins in Algeria [just 1 among 1000 examples] who have never even heard the gospel, it makes little sense for us to sit over here asking, “What do you want me to do, God?”  The answer is clear.  The will of God is for you and me to give our lives urgently and recklessly to making the gospel and the glory of God known among all peoples, particularly those who have never even heard of Jesus.

The question, therefore, is not “Can we find God’s will?”  The question is “Will we obey God’s will?”

Will we refuse to sit back and wait for some tingly feeling to go down our spines before we rise up and do what we have already been commanded to do?

Will we risk everything – our comfort, our possessions, our safety, our security, our lives – to make the gospel known among unreached peoples?

Such rising up and such risk taking are the unavoidable, urgent results of a life that is radically abandoned to Jesus.

Embrace the risk.  Do something epic… better yet, do something eternal!  Go… for His glory!

2 thoughts on “Radical

  1. I am seeking information on ministering to those in Algeria. I am armed with God’s word…I am willing and eager to face any cost, my life or health, in the complete submission in order to share God’s word to these people. Please let me know if you have a contact, or if you do not, so I can move forward. I am a mother of 3 daughter, a husband of a police officer…I have much to lose. But I hold my responsibility in the utmost care…shall these people never hear our Father’s word. I am ready. Please shine some light on my path. Thank you.

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