Our sending agency, International Teams, has been working on a new project to help raise awareness and funds for their missionaries around the world: Songs for the OppressedSongs for the Oppressed is a musical experience from independent artists and worship leaders working collaboratively to fuel a movement that creates awareness, solidarity and change for the oppressed (physically and spiritually) around the world.  The bottom line is this: great music for a great cause.

Great music from Aaron Niequist, Becky Johnson (fellow NPU grad!), The Brilliance, and many more!  Great cause: the money supports the ministries of International Teams around the world.  And specifically, $5 of every sale go directly to us (that’s right, directly to our ministry account), if you use our “partner code” (US1332) when you check out!  That’s a “win-win-win,” to quote Michael Scott.

Click here to buy.  Digital downloads (MP3) are $12.  CDs go for $15.  Either way, $5 goes towards our ministry here (just remember to use “partner code” US1332).   Get exposed to some new music, and show some love along the way!

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