Happy Friday!  I’ve been a bit behind on the blog over the past few weeks… but only because we’ve been busy, in a good way.  We appreciate your prayers!

1 – Celebrate with us: (i) One family of Afghan believers just got asylum here in Greece (this kind of victory doesn’t happen often)!  (ii) A single Afghan man – “G” – made a decision to trust and follow Jesus last week.  Praise God and pray for his young faith!  (iii) We’ve met several new believers this week that began following Jesus in either Afghanistan or Iran.  They fled their homes because of persecution.  Pray for their situation in Greece; their families back home; their young faith.  Praise God, however, for their commitment to follow Jesus (even if it means leaving their own country) and that they have found other Christians they can learn and grow with!

2 – Pray with us: Camp!  Two teammates are serving at “refugee men’s camp” this week.  Nearly ten teammates will be at “refugee family camp” next week. Pray that lives (and families and nations!) are changed by the power of the gospel.  Pray that the Jesus of scripture would be clearly revealed through the teaching and conversations at the camp!  Many of the Afghan families that will be attending say that they “want” to follow Jesus, but are waiting for a sign or vision.  Please pray that their hearts and minds would be directed to the cross – God’s clearest sign of His love and power!

Okay, now for the pictures.  Our little girls… growing up!

Emma - 18 months and loving stuffed animals!


Sofia, 3 1/2 now, wants to be a ballerina... or a doctor... or a painter!


Pool time!

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