After four weeks in the US, we arrived back in Athens on Monday.   It’s good to be home!  We’re getting settled back into life here.  Although our time in the US was marked by grief (and thank you deeply for your prayers, encouragement, and love during this time), we also had some good times catching up with family and friends.  Here are some photos from some of those happy memories (and more to come on Friday!).  By the way, if the sight of vomit doesn’t appeal to you, feel free to skip the last picture, which was a little gift from Emma to Kristin upon landing back in Athens!   Well, of course, now curiosity will force you to take a quick peek… but don’t dwell on it.  Enjoy and much love!

Fun times with cousins!
Tubing with Uncle Bill and Aunt Tracey
A weekend get-away with great friends!
Great memories made on the trip home (gotta love Emma's innocent smile)!

2 thoughts on “Back in Athens!

  1. I so glad to hear that you did arrive back ‘home’ as you put it. God’s blessings as you resume once again and bless lives there in Athens. Thinking of you Mom Kristin, very often!!

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