Wow – I can hardly believe that it is already late July!  Where did the summer go?  I guess that’s what happens when you head back to the States for four weeks in mid-June.  Anyhow, I thought that it would be appropriate to catch you up on the happenings of the summer thus far (even if we weren’t here to see it all happen).

1 – Camps – We joined up with Hellenic Ministry to help serve at two weeks of “refugee camp” (one week for single men, one week for families).  Please continue to pray for our refugee friends who heard the gospel at each of these camps!  We’ll also be sending around 25 kids – over two sessions – to camp at Kalamos (a Bible camp run by the Greek Evangelical Church).  The first group of campers has already returned… one Afghan teenager told me that it was one of the best weeks of his life!  Pray that the gospel seeds that are being planted here will continue to be watered and nurtured – resulting in growth and faith!  A second group of campers will go to Kalamos later this month.  Thanks for your prayers and gifts to make these camps possible.

2 – Retreat – Last week a group of 13 guys (both staff and refugees) spent a night away at the KosmoVision Center, a Christian sports and retreat center just outside of Athens.  They enjoyed some play time, and studied the Bible together – tracing the progression of faith in the lives of Jesus’ disciples.  Please pray for these young men, each at different places in their own journey of faith.

3 – Saturday Bible Study – Just before we headed back to the US, the team started a Bible study for anyone (whether believer, seekers, or just curious) who had questions about Jesus.  Working through the book of John, the study started with 5 people.  While we were away, the group grew to include about 20 people who wanted to know more about Jesus and the gospel!  Praise God and pray that He would raise up new followers of Christ from among the group!

4 – Protests – You’ve probably heard a lot about Greece in the news in the past month: austerity cutbacks, strikes, and riots!  While these have been a distraction and a nuisance, our team is safe.  But please, pray for the nation of Greece – its leadership, its future.  Pray that God might use this economic crisis to open the nation’s eyes to its spiritual crisis.  Also, please remember to pray for the many refugees and immigrants in Greece now – this economic crisis also affects them significantly (less work, less government help, more xenophobia, more violence).  Pray that our team would clearly display the gospel – both to the glory God and the sufficiency of Christ – to a city that so desperately needs it!

3 thoughts on “Mid-Summer Rundown

  1. Hello, I will be praying for your safety and ministry in Greece. I was looking for info on the camp in kalamos, I helped out there for a summer several years ago. Just wanted to catch back up with anyone there. Thanks, God bless!

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