Ramadan begins today.  This is a holy month for Muslims around the world, a time marked by fasting and prayer.  Many of our Muslim friends here in Athens will honor this holy month by not eating, drinking, or smoking during daylight hours.  More importantly, it is seen as a time to seek God – seeking guidance, repenting of sin, etc.  Some of our Muslim friends believe that God turns His ear to the earth during this month.

As you might imagine, Muslims seek God with particular earnestness during Ramadan.  It is our prayer that during this season of prayer and fasting and seeking, many Muslims would see that their prayers have already been answered in Jesus!   In Jesus alone, the throne of God has been made approachable.  In Jesus alone, our hearts (the true source of sin) can be made clean.  In Jesus alone, we can be reconciled to God!

Would you join us in praying for Muslims during the month of Ramadan (which runs from August 1-30 this year)?  Please pray that their eyes would be open to Jesus!  Pray that many Muslims would put their trust in Jesus during this time.  There is a Christian groundswell in many areas of the “Muslim world.”  Pray that God’s grace would transform this groundswell into a movement for Christ – one that would transform millions of lives and the entire region!

To help guide your prayers, check out Arab World Media’s daily prayer feed or download a guidebook from 30-Days Prayer Network.

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