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We hope that you’re summer is going well!  Our latest newsletter is here (or see below for a text-only version).  Thanks for your prayers and partnership!

Also, check out some new music – http://songsfortheoppressed.org/ – for a great cause.  Use partner code US1332, and $5 of the proceeds go our ministry here in Athens!  Thanks!

By God’s Grace –
Brett, Kristin, Sofia, & Emma

Loving the Overlooked – Summer 2011

Summer in the City: Summer presents a number of unique ministry opportunities here in Athens.  Camps.  We sent nearly 30 refugee children to Kalamos – the summer camp of the Greek Evangelical Church.  “N” – an Afghan teenage boy – told me that it was the best week of his life!  He loved the sports and games, but also wants to get involved in one of the local church youth groups, so that he can continue to study the Bible.  “N” wants to know Jesus, and camp introduced him to a safe community where he can learn and grow.  Family Days.  Summer in Athens is synonymous with the beach.  Over the summer months, we organize a “family beach day” at least once a month.  The women talk under the shade of umbrellas, while the children play and wrestle in the water.  This relaxed environment allows relational roots to deepen and gospel-conversations to blossom!  Bible Studies. Our Saturday Bible study is filled to capacity and most of our teammates are engaged in 1on1 studies.  Many of our refugee friends are asking spiritual questions.  They want to know what is True.  God is at work!  Please continue to pray!

Rising Tensions: As the number of immigrants rise and the economy sputters, there is a growing tension in Athens regarding immigrants and refugees.  While we have found Greeks in general to be very hospitable, extreme nationalistic groups have found a niche in the uncertainty and fear swirling around some inner-city neighborhoods.  While the problems in these “immigrant ghettos” are many, violence does nothing to solve these serious issues. Many of our refugee friends face the daily threat of violence at the hands of racist groups.  This article explores these disturbing trends.
Please pray for our refugee friends and our beloved (albeit adopted) city!  Pray for safety and peace.  Pray that evil is destroyed and God’s justice is made clear.  Pray that Jesus is lifted up in every neighborhood!

RAMADAN – Join us in praying for our Muslim friends during this month of fasting in the Islamic calendar.  Pray that many would find Jesus.  More info here!

NEW LIFE – Three Afghans were baptized earlier this spring.  Four Iranian men will be baptized on Friday.  And there’s still more to come!  Praise God!

SWITZERLAND – Next week we will travel into Europe for a gathering of International Teams missionaries.  Pray for safety, encouragement, and growth!

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