Almost all of the refugees that come to us are hoping simply to pass through Greece on their way to Europe.  However, most find themselves stuck: no hope of asylum in Greece, no path forward (into Europe), no way back (whether to Afghanistan, Iraq, or Algeria).  Many are desperate.  Just a few weeks ago, several of our teammates (including myself) had conversation with refugees struggling with suicidal thoughts.  In this light, we see the sort of deep desperation that would lead a refugee to risk his own life to sneak under a semi-truck (bound – via ferry – for Italy).  Check out this documentary trailer called “One of Them” – find more info about the project here – highlighting the refugee crisis in Greece.

(HT: Zach Baliva)

2 thoughts on “One of Them

  1. I’m so glad you are there in the midst of such desperation. The images from the film project trailer are arresting. I definitely want to learn more.

    Praying for the lives and communities you touch,

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