One more book recommendation.  How do we live out the teachings of Luke 10:25-37 in a ever-connected world?

Who Is My Neighbor: Being a Good Samaritan in a Connected World, by Steve Moore (NavPress, 2011). In the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10), Jesus calls us to be a neighbor by showing compassion to those in need. Even more, this teaching beckons us to cross boundaries and barriers (cultural, social, linguistic, national, etc.) to show and share the mercy of God. The world, however, is now flat. We are quickly overwhelmed by the news of famines, wars, and disease. Global travel, the internet and 24/7 news channels mean that in today’s world the need is ever present. How do we live out Jesus’ call to show mercy in an ever-connected world? Moore challenges his readers not to grow apathetic, but to narrow-in on our God-given passions and engage in ministries of service, justice, discovery, and advocacy (the four domains of passionate engagement). In this we connect with God’s passion for the poor, oppressed, and lost. Moore’s insights are relevant and impactful, although some of his imagery is overdone (pagerank, heartlink, etc.). B

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