Happy Friday!  September is here.  Hard to believe how quickly each season seems to past.  Time used to feel like it passed so slowly when I was younger.  Sofia and Emma are growing up so fast.  Here are a few photos of our growing girls!  Enjoy!

Kristin's latest handiwork: matching aprons!
Mom's big helper in the kitchen.
War paint or ice cream?
Definitely war paint! Look at that face!

One thought on “Friday Photos – 02.09.2011

  1. Sofia’s smile and holding her head …… ( looks like her Mom on that photo)!!. Love chocolate ice cream. And Kristin, you are quite the seamstress there. Cute. I wear aprons when I cook or bake. Glad to see you wearing one, my thought was wearing aprons was from an earlier generation…….I remember my Mom and Grandma w/them ! So thanks for joining the apron crowd…. I feel lots younger now. Have a good Labor Day weekend !
    We are closing up at our trailor in Michigan for the season. Blessings to all of you! Greta

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