Happy Friday!  September is here and Fall is right behind it (or even already here, depending on where you live).  Today’s edition of Friday’s Photos is a a look at the faces around our ministry center.  Each face is a story, a life, a dream unrealized.  Would you take a moment and pray over the faces below?  Pray that they would understanding God’s care, God’s provision, and God’s grace in Jesus Christ.   Thanks for being a part of our ministry here!

A young man without a nation, struggling with the question, "where do I belong?".
Seeking a future in Greece, but has found apathy and even violence.
Blind and in a foreign land, this young man (r) inspires with his courage and optimism.
Mustafa - a fun-loving friend - showing off his "vampire teeth"
Stuck: no hope in Greece, no way to move on into Europe, no "home" to which he can return

4 thoughts on “Friday Photos – 09.09.2011

  1. Partnering with you – – prayer went ‘up’ for these men. Homeless, smiling and knowing your kindnesses to them – because of Jesus mandate to go into all the world……Greta

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