As we all already know, yesterday was the ten year anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks.  There have been countless articles, books, radio programs, and TV shows on how 9/11 has changed our world.  It’s impact has been profound in every way.  This includes the world of missions.  Marking the anniversary of 9/11, Christianity Today released an article entitled, “Muslim Mission: Then and Now.”  The article discusses some of the challenges and opportunities to missions in the Muslims world since 9/11.  I found the author’s closing story both powerful and touching:

What led to that bin Ladenism and 9/11—the post-Soviet fighting between Mujahideen, the rise of the Taliban, and terrorist camps—resulted in thousands of Afghans fleeing to Pakistan, where they were put in refugee camps. In one of these camps outside Peshawar, conditions were dismal. Since refugee children ran around barefoot in intense heat and cold, a Christian organization brought in hundreds of sandals. The group decided it would not just distribute the sandals but wash the children’s feet first. To do this, they enlisted as many Christians as possible, including our daughter-in-law, who carefully washed the children’s filthy feet, put medication on their sores, and prayed silently for them before giving them the sandals.

Some months later, a primary-school teacher in the area asked her children who the best Muslims were. A girl put up her hand and said, “The kafirs” (“disbelievers”).

After the teacher recovered from cardiac arrest, she asked, “Why?”

The girl replied, “The Mujahideen killed my father, but the kafirs washed my feet.”

Ultimately, the future of missions to Muslims will be affected less by the flames of 9/11, or even the flames that started the Arab Spring, than by the inner flames that are ignited if we so follow our Lord, who modeled the basin and the towel, that our Muslim friends may echo the words of the disciples in Emmaus: “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”

Thanks for being a part of our ministry.  Your prayers and encouragement are priceless to us!

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