Well, it’s late September and starting to feel like Fall (I realize that it has felt like Autumn in some places for several weeks… but here in Athens, Fall is just beginning to show up).  It seems like a great time to review some of the happenings of the summer months.

Whether you’re new to the blog or just as a review, here are a few posts that summarize that last few months of ministry:

June 9 – Songs for the Oppressed – You can still help out our ministry by downloading some great music!

June 21 – To Die is Gain – Kristin’s father passed away this summer; away from the body, with the Lord.

July 18 – Mid-Summer Rundown – Some of our special summer outreaches and ministries.

July 28 – Christ: My Treasure, Reward, and Legacy – Learning to revel in Christ.

August 4 – Sanner News – Our summer newsletter.

August 15 – Europe Conference – News and pictures from a week-long conference in Switzerland.

September 9 – Friday Photos – Praying for some of the faces at our ministry center.

Thanks for your love, support, encouragement, and prayers.  We need every ounce of it!  Really, if you’re upholding us with your prayers, notes of encouragement, or financial support… you are an essential part of our team here!  We can’t be here without you.  Thanks for your love and faithfulness – a reminder of God’s own provision.

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