Our team spent last weekend together for a few days of strategic planning.  As the busy fall/winter ministry season comes full on, we focused our hearts once again on Jesus and discussed how we can better follow Him on mission in the coming ministry year.  We talked through yearly priorities, brainstormed specific goals and metrics, and reminded ourselves of our common vision and mission.

We spent this busy weekend just outside of Patras, Greece (many thanks to the Florida Blue Bay Hotel).  Beautiful weather; beautiful place.  In addition, we had the privilege to worship with the Evangelical Free Church of Patras on Sunday.  I preached (with translation from our Greek director Nikos) and four teammates shared testimonies from the ministry.  Our prayer is that this time together encourages the Church in Patras to continue (and expand) its outreaches to refugees in their city – a main port city with hundreds (likely thousands) of refugees hoping to stow-away on a boat headed for Italy.

Please continue to pray for us and the ministry here!  Enjoy a few pics…

Kate (L) and Susie (R) leading the team in worship.
Morley reminding us what it means to be "in Christ."
Brainstorming goals for the ministry year.


Talking through ideas and dreams...
...and sharing a few laughs along the way!

And while I’m spending seven hours each day in meetings, Kristin and the girls spent the days playing and enjoying the pool!  Pictures of the girls next week…

3 thoughts on “Friday Photos: Fall Retreat 2011

  1. God;s blessings on your plans for advancing the Gospel – to the homeless surrounding your city and beyond !! Trust all who attended the planning meetings were encouraging just being together with the same goals in your hearts. Greta

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